We are specialised in hose & pipelines as well as combinations of the two. Our lines are used in motorsport for engines and chassis, individual vehicle models and also aviation. We manufacture lines for all mediums (Fuel, oil, water, cooling agents, air) from drawings and models.

The ISO 9001 and EASA Part 21 G certification shows our status.

Together with you we develop your custom lines all the way from the idea to the finished, fully tested series. We are your service provider when it comes to specialised designs and developments, in small series and fast if needs be. We will accompany you from the idea/sketch, using 3D CAD (Solidworks) to the prototypes incl. recording, up to the series. We are more than happy to install the desired hose & pipelines directly to the vehicle/aircraft on site, consult with you on the best combination of materials or technologies needed. Producing drawings ready for production from the models created, for future orders/deliveries. Through our express service we are able to achieve completion of urgent special orders. We measure (Faro 3D) your sample hoses/pipes and if desired, we produce the corresponding drawings and records. Challenge us! 

A step-by-step of our procedures


Areas of application

All hoses & pipelines in the engine department:

  • Fuel lines (high and low pressure suction line)
  • Fuel rail (distributor)
  • Oil and lubricant lines
  • Air and ventilation line (tank, transmission, brakes)
  • Pressure equalizer lines
  • Water cooling lines
  • Turbocharger cool & lubricant line

Planes, helicopters, LSA, UL:

  • Lines for aircraft engines (lubricant & cooling)
  • Fuel lines and reduction
  • Engine wash lines
  • Static air lines
  • De-icing air and fluid
  • Hydraulic lines (gears, brakes)
  • Water cooling lines
  • Extinguish lines (for engine)
  • Air condition lines


    • Brake lines
    • Pressure equalizer lines
    • Air condition lines
    • Air ducts
    • Airjack lines
    • Power steering and hydraulic lines
    • Extinguish lines
    • Heating lines
    • Dosage & control lines (e.g. gears)
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